We are ready to get you back on the courts while observing King County and USTA’s rules for safe play. As such, we have put together a 2-week mini class season for our youth players. The instructor-to-student ratio will be at least 2 instructors to every student, so there will be lots of opportunity for individual development matched with fun games and match play for more advanced players.

The session will run June 22- July 3, Monday-Friday. Register quickly as classes are limited to 5 participants each (we’ll run two classes per age band, so a total of 10 players per age band).

Beginner: This would be someone who has never played tennis before or has taken a few lessons but cannot serve over the net. They could hit the ball over the net but cannot rally consistently.

Intermediate: This would be someone who can rally and get the ball over the net. They can serve but could be inconsistent with the serves (not get them in every time).

Advanced: This would be someone who has played competitive tennis and they know how to serve and rally consistently. They understand the scorekeeping of the game and can play a competitive match.

Youth Clinics

8U Class

June 22-July 3, Monday-Friday
Class 1: 8:00
Class 2: 9:00-9:45am


For kids 6-8 years old

Students will improve hand-eye coordination and agility, perform racquet-handling skills, and become familiar with the tennis court. Instructors zero in on building the foundation and cultivating a love of the game through basic strokes and fun games associated with tennis.

10U Class

June 22-July 3, Monday-Friday
Class 1: 10:00-10:45am
Class 2: 11:00-11:45am


For kids 9-10 years old

Students will build competence with forehand and two-handed backhand, and learn the basics of match play. Games and 1:1 coaching make this an excellent fit for a number of skill levels.

12U-14U Class

June 22-July 3, Monday-Friday, 12:00-1:00pm, $85


For kids 11-14 years old

This class caters to youth new to the competitive match play but who may have limited tennis experience. We require the student to know the basic strokes, and we will further develop and focus on: serving, competition, matches, rules, and fun team building exercises.

16-18U Class

June 22-July 3, Monday-Friday, 12:00-1:00pm, $85


For kids 15-18 years old

This class is for students who are beyond the beginner level but still need work refining their technique. Moving and hitting are emphasized, and the students will focus more on match play skills as well as drilling. Highly recommended for those aspiring to play high school tennis.

Advanced Class

June 22-July 3, Monday-Friday, 1:00-2:00pm, $85


For kids 14-18 years old

This class is for competitive players 14-18 years old and will focus on moving, hitting, and strategies for match play. The class is designed for players already playing competitive tennis or planning to play competitively.