Welcome to the modified AHSTC 2020 Team Season!

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To make us all successful, please make note of the below rules for the season:

  • Masks are required by all members (adults and children) and staff to enter and exit facility, transitioning between teams, and in bathrooms. If a child arrives with no mask they will not be allowed to enter the facility.
  • Parents are strongly encouraged to take their child’s temperature before bringing them to the Club. If they have a fever, please keep your child home from practice.
  • Children may not be dropped off early for practice or remain in the facility after their practice ends. Please pick up your child promptly after practice.
  • Children may not stay during their sibling’s practice.
  • If a child has a break between team practices, parents must pick them up.
  • Parents may not be in the facility during practices.
  • Swim/dive team participants must arrive in their swimsuit for practice and leave wearing their swimsuit. If the participant also participates in tennis team, they may change in the bathrooms between practices. Showers will not be available for teams.
  • All employees will have their temperature taken when they arrive at the club and will be sent home if they have a fever
  • If the registered child or anyone in their immediate family tests positive for COVID-19, the member family must contact the AHSTC Manager at manager@ahstc.com immediately to report it. There will be a member-wide communication and clear next steps if that is ever the case.