Arbor Heights Weekly News June 3rd 2024

Dear Members,

The sun is in the forecast and we are excited for the weekend ahead.  As always, the Arb welcomes member children to use the facility and experience summer fun. However, we are noticing an increased level of messiness in the cabana kitchen. Please let your children (and their guests know) that they are welcome to use the kitchen, but that they must clean up after themselves, including wiping down the counter if they spill something, not leaving dishes in the sink, and throwing away any uneaten food in the trash can in the kitchen for that purpose. (Pro tip: Let us not repeat the $700 plumbing bill after a cup of noodles was poured down the sink drain.)

Additionally, if you are using the cabana kitchen to prepare a meal, please offer the next member the courtesy of a wiped down stove and sink as well. If something spills in the refrigerators, please do wipe that down as well.  THANK YOU!

We had a terrific, busy day with the warm weather this past Friday, and this weekend promises warmer weather (we hope), so keep an eye out for announcements closing the pool for guests should that become necessary.

Enjoy the week and remember that youth sports are still open for registration via the below links. If you are a new or existing member, youth teams are a great way for your family to engage in the Arb. Experience is NOT required for teams.

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Swim Team  2024 Swim Team Registration – Arbor Heights (
Dive Team 2024 Dive Team Registration – Arbor Heights (
Tennis Team Tennis Team – Arbor Heights Swim and Tennis Club (

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