Swim Meet Sign-In

Red vs Blue Friday Meets | 10u, 12u, 14u, 15+ Swimmers

  • ALL 10u, 12u, 14u, 15+ swimmers (regardless of A/B, or MW/TTH) are invited to come each Friday.
  • 8u are sticking with a normal A (MW) /B (TTH) schedule.  B: 7/17 & 7/31  |  A: 7/24 & 8/7  Races and timing will be incorporated into their practice. 8u kids do not need to sign up here.
  • Kids will come at their NORMAL swim practice time (15+ @ 7:30, 14u @ 9:30, 12u @ 8:30, 10u @ 11:30, 8u @ 10:30)
  • Like swim meets in normal pre-pandemic times, you MUST sign your child up for each meet. Sign ups close at midnight each WEDNESDAY. Coaches are making lineups Thursday morning. No deck entries, no showing up if you did not sign up.
  • Lineups will be sent out each Thursday evening.
  • We have a detailed plan for how meets will run. The plan was sent in an email on 7/13/2020.
  • Kids need to arrive at their normal swim time with MASKS as usual.
  • Pick up or rotation to next practice is at the NORMAL TIME.
  • After the meet, event times will be sent out.
  • Email arborcoaches@gmail.com ASAP if you need to withdraw your kid from the meet. We need to know about any cancellations!

Please click the link below to sign up.

One last word from Coach Chris:
IF your swimmer is 50/50 on competing, this is the ONLY YEAR you will ever hear me advise leaving them out. Normally I am ECSTATIC about new swimmers going to the meets, but this year we are obviously facing spatial issues.