Welcome to Dive Team!

Registration link below

There is still room but we are limiting registration to the following times:

Monday, 7/6 – 2:00-7:00pm
Tuesday, 7/7 – 2:00-7:00pm

Tuesday, 7/7 is the last day to register for teams.

We are pleased to offer a 5-week program for new and returning divers. Our head coach, Lauren Canto and our assistant coach, Kate Leahy, are both excited to offer divers a fun season that will help brand new & seasoned divers learn new dives, refine past dives, and challenge themselves.

Earlier this spring, the South Seattle Summer Dive League met and unanimously decided to postpone the dive schedule from this year to next season due to the COVID-19 uncertainty in King County. We do however look forward to a season of showcasing what divers have learned at AHSTC and building the team’s skill for next year.

We are planning to include 2 Mini-Dive Meets, during your child’s scheduled practice, to showcase what dives they have learned within a two-week period. We will attempt to live stream or record the Mini Meets, so parents can view their child’s progress. On the last day of practice, we will close with a fun day for divers to celebrate the season.

Dive Practice Schedule: Mondays-Friday (Season: July 6 – August 7)

Seniors (15 & Up)  9:30-10:30am
14 & Under  8:30-9:30am
12 & Under  7:30-8:30am
10 & Under  10:30-11:30am
8 & Under  11:30am-12:30pm

In order to maintain social distancing, the maximum number of divers in the tank will be 15. Due to these restrictions, if your child’s age group exceeds 15 divers, we will need to divide practice sessions into TWO groups. If your child’s age group, does not exceed 15 divers, they are welcome to attend practice daily. This will be communicated to parents before their child’s first day of practice.

A Group: Monday & Wednesday practice
B Group: Tuesday & Thursday practice
Fridays: Alternating between the A & B Groups

First Week
Mon, July 6 – A Group
Tues, July 7 – B Group
Wed, July 8 – A Group
Thurs, July 9 – B Group
Fri, July 10 – A Group

2nd Week
Mon, July 13 – A Group
Tues, July 14 – B Group
Wed, July 15 – A Group
Thurs, July 16 – B Group
Fri, July 17 – B Group

3rd Week
Mon, July 20 – A Group
Tues, July 21 – B Group
Wed, July 22 – A Group
Thurs, July 23 – B Group
Fri, July 24 – A Group MINI DIVE MEET

4th Week
Mon, July 27 – A Group
Tues, July 28 – B Group
Wed, July 29 – A Group
Thurs, July 30 – B Group
Fri, July 31 – B Group MINI DIVE MEET

Mon, Aug 3 – A Group
Tues, Aug 4 – B Group
Wed, Aug 5 – A Group (Celebrate divers unable to attend final Friday)
Thurs, Aug 6 – B Group (Celebrate divers unable to attend final Friday)
Fri, Aug 7 – A & B Groups (NO drill day; Celebration for Divers, recognize each diver and showcase their best dive)